BBC Guide: ‘China Rich Girlfriend’

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Book Club & Discussion Questions

If you read “Crazy Rich Asians”, how did this book compare? Was “China Rich Girlfriend” a good second-installment of the story?

When the book opens, we learn about some pretty reckless behavior from Carlton. Do you think he redeems himself by the end of the book?

Based on what you know of Rachel so far, do you think she will turn into a “Crazy Rich Asian”?

What did you think of Kitty Pong? What do you think is in store for her future?

What do you expect to see in book three (the final book of the series)?

Additional Thoughts

I have never been to China… or to any of the places mentioned in this book (I’m going overseas for the first time in March). However, all of the vivid descriptions in this book and in the first one, make me feel as if I’ve been there, which is one of the best parts about reading.

I liked that this book had much more at stake, for nearly all of the characters. There were life-and-death situations, reputations on the line, inheritances in question, a birth father arriving out of nowhere, all on top of the most-expensive piece of history ever.

The only thing I wanted more of was Kitty Pong! I’m really curious to see if she’s in book three at all, because I really loved her character.

This book made me really curious about book three, and how this entire story is going to wrap up. I also wonder about the movies – will there be a second and a third one?

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Favorite book Quotes

People are messy. Life gets messy. Things are not always going to work ouT perfectly just because you want them to.

i don’t understand. How can a credit card ever be rejected? It’s not like it’s a kidney!

Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to bEgin traveling to new locales to demonstrate that you are someone of originality and interest.

laugh all you want, but you’re being rather foolhardy about this. There is this sense of entitlement that was bred into you, and you are letting that affect your decisions. Do you really know what it means to be cut off from your fortunes?

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She never dreamed that this decision would not only change her life but the future of the British monarchy as well.

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Clementine, however, has no idea that CP is actually Prince Christian of Wales, who has never had a “normal” life. Christian is at a crossroad. His destiny is to be a working royal, but he is desperate to fill that role in his own way. Wary of others, he’s kept himself closed off from the world—until he lets Clementine in.

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Good Americans is a “grand assault” against the fiction of our time, delivering a mind-blowing diversity of voices, subjects and effects. By turns thought-provoking, disturbing, hilarious and deeply moving, Good Americans is the first selection in The Human Tragedy, a panorama of our society that The New Wei will bring out over the coming years.