I’m Launching a Podcast!

Yes, you heard that correctly, I’m launching a podcast.

But, I’m not doing it alone. My very good friend, Derek, and I are taking on this adventure together!

Derek is a small business owner — read more about his online yoga studio here — and we’ve discovered we really like supporting small businesses and their owners.

So, we’re taking it to the mic and using our platforms to share the small businesses out there doing great things!

We’re planning on talking to small business owners who align with our values in the way of ethical sourcing, inclusion, diversity, sustainability, and cruelty-free efforts.

The podcast is called Small Business Happy Hour, because, well, we both love to kick back with an adult beverage, and we figured small business owners may not get that chance very often.

We haven’t announced our official launch day yet, but it’s coming very soon!

We’ve already started recording, and we’re reaching out to potential guests this week.

Know of someone we should reach out to? Let us know! You can leave a comment on this blog post, or shoot us an email at smallbusinesshappyhour@gmail.com.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @smallbusinesshappyhour for the latest updates.

I’m excited for you all to hear it!

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