I’ve been drinking Liquid I.V.

I mentioned last week that self-quarantine has me trying all kinds of things that I can get delivered right to my door — I have a feeling this isn’t going to stop any time soon.

At the beginning of quarantine, I saw an Instagram ad from Liquid I.V. for a limited edition product they created with Justin Bieber (!) a guava-hibiscus flavored Liquid I.V. in honor of his song “Yummy.”

I immediately went to the site. You slap the Biebs on something and I’m hooked. I’d actually heard of Liquid I.V. before, as it is often advertised on several podcasts I listen to.

From reading the website, I learned that Liquid I.V. multiplies the amount of water you drink — perfect for someone like me who hates drinking water!

The additive also has electrolytes and essential vitamins and minerals. I am always buying those vitamin c powders to add to my water when I travel, so Liquid IV is like that, only it has the electrolytes, meaning no more forced purchases of Smart Water bottles when I’m dragging my ass.

Plus, the water becomes flavored. I was IN. I bought 32 “sticks” of Justin Bieber’s Yummy… and then I added 20 sticks of their “Sleep” to my cart.

As.a troubled sleeper, especially during COVID times, I take a sleep aid every night. The Liquid I.V. Sleep Multiplier is less about hydration and more about getting a restful night’s sleep.

So, I’ve been drinking Liquid I.V. for probably two months now. I’ll say that the first time I tried the Yummy flavor (my first time ever trying Liquid I.V.), I was not so sure I liked it.

The texture of the water felt… different. However, the second time I tried it, I realized that it’s more like a sports drink texture than it is water, if that makes any sense. It’s almost thicker.

The more I’ve used Liquid I.V., the more I like it and I really do like the Yummy flavor. Sad thing is, it’s sold out and no longer available, but they have some flavors that look good: lemon-lime, acai berry, and passionfruit.

I’ll definitely be reordering. I’ve found that it’s helped me from getting dehydrated and especially taking walks outside in this heat, I am sure it’s doing my body more good than I even realize.

Okay, now onto the Sleep Multiplier. It’s blueberry-lavender flavored and if you know me, you know I don’t particularly like berry flavored crap. I also struggle with drinking even just a glass of water.

So, this product has taken a bit of time for me to warm up to it. It’s recommended to drink it 15-30 minutes before bed, so I had to get that idea in my brain. Instead of just taking a pill or eating a gummy, I need to drink this.

But, when I finally did drink it, I had a really good sleep. It’s similar to the Olly gummies I usually take, but I certainly didn’t feel groggy in the morning, which I sometimes get from the Olly. I also think this would be a good solution if you still need water in your system from the day.

The interesting thing about the Sleep Multiplier is that because it’s less about hydration, you don’t have to mix it with 8-ounces of water. You could mix it with 4 and toss it back like a blueberry bomb shot – ha! This method might be my next experiment.

One thing that’s worked for me with these is to put the powder in the cup first, then add water. I started using water from the tap instead of the cold water in my fridge, and found that the powder dissolves better (sometimes when you add cold water it just chunks up) and then I add ice once it’s dissolved.

This product isn’t cheap. Depending on the amount you buy, it can be $1-2 per stick. The Sleep Multiplier is closer to $3 per stick. But, it’s like a sports drink without the plastic bottle and all the extra sugar and crap. Liquid I’V. is also donating sticks to healthcare workers right now, so it’s a product I feel good about purchasing.

I’ll definitely be ordering again — I still have some of my Yummy sticks left and I’m going to savor every drop! Have you tried Liquid I.V.? What flavors did you try?

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