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Giving thanks.

Pretty for the turkey!

Pretty for the turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Last year, I was pretty fresh off a breakup, and although it was a breakup for the best, the holidays always have a way of highlighting the doom and gloom (blame it on the lights and glitter).

I know that around this time of year, everyone is thinking about what they’re thankful for. Many times, my list of things to be grateful for is long, and very obvious.

But this year, I really had to think hard about what’s in my life.

I’m still unable to discuss some major moves in my life right now, but I promise I can explain soon! Just know that these last three weeks have been some of the toughest I’ve had to endure, ever.

What am I thankful for? I’m thankful for bravery. Because keeping your head up is not easy, and I’ve managed to keep my breakdowns to a minimum of two.

I’m thankful for my education, because it has given me more feet in the door than I sometimes deserve.

I’m thankful for my kitty, Blanche, because even though I set my alarm and coffee pot every day for 6 am, she is there to help wake me up and keep going when the mornings are bleary.

For the first time in 8 years, I didn’t get to travel home for Thanksgiving. And it’s been hard, knowing that I’m missing out on some of my favorite traditions.

But that is the thing about life. Things happen that we don’t expect, and sometimes they aren’t fun. On the other hand, good things can happen in a split-second. And in the mix of it all, we’re all just trying to find some sort of rhythm.

I haven’t had Thanksgiving with my family in 10 years; I have always relied on my friends.

Today, I’ll be spending my time with a friend who would’ve also been alone. Together, we plan on cooking up a feast big enough for a football team, and drinking as much wine as possible (no one to judge us)!

And for that, I am thankful.

So, to you, my dear readers, thank you — I appreciate you, every single day. Thank you for reading my words, even in the tough times.

I truly hope your day is fabulous, delicious, and full of love in any form.

May we always have old wines, good friends, and fleeting cares. 

The Column: Presence Over Presents.

Exactly the wrong gift.

Exactly the wrong gift.

Given that there’s a giant, decorated tree at the end of my street, and bins of cinnamon pinecones at my neighborhood market, it would seem the holidays are here.

I’ve only spent one Christmas with a boyfriend. We’d been together for three years, and had yet to take things seriously – we hadn’t exchanged gifts.

It was about this time of year (many years ago) when I suggested we buy presents for each other. He liked the idea, and asked me to make a list.

I asked for a necklace, an oversized watch, and Mignon Faget’s Single Knot ring. I was giving him options.

I knew exactly what I wanted to get him: one of those single-blade, old fashioned razors and a nice shaving kit. I ordered it off Amazon, and was so excited when it came in the mail. Read more…

Pic of the Week.

Gifts for Barthenia.

Gifts for Barthenia.

It’s Thanksgiving week, and one of my favorite parts about kicking off the holiday season is purchasing gifts for someone in need.

Several years ago, the company my mom works for started buying gifts for residents at an Indianapolis nursing home. The nursing home would provide the office with a list of names of residents that had no one to buy them Christmas gifts. It would have their size, for clothing items, and any items they wanted.

The items on the list are often simple things we take for granted, such as soap and lotion, hats and scarves, sweaters and slippers.

My mom and her coworkers had so much fun shopping for the residents on the list, I really wanted to be a part of it. So, two years ago, I picked a name — a woman named Barthenia.

I know nothing about her, other than her clothing size. That year, I purchased a velour tracksuit for her (matching pants and a jacket), leopard slippers, a hat, scarf, and glove set, toiletries, and a book.

When the gifts were delivered, Barthenia opened the slippers first. She told my mom’s coworker they were the most beautiful things she’d ever seen. We were kindred spirits.

The following year, her name was on the list again. I chose her, and bought similar items for her (including a sparkly thermal henley from Old Navy).

This year, I hoped to see her name again. And there it was — only this time, the nursing home said Barthenia often wore the same outfit, and that she was “always cold.”

Holly to the rescue! Over the weekend, I purchased several gifts for Ms. Barthenia, including:

I am also making one of the infinity scarves for Barthenia (that’s my project this week) to keep warm.

Seriously, giving to my CASA boys and Barthenia is what makes the holidays special for me. I’m truly thankful that I’m in a position to help others, even if that means less shopping and splurging on myself.

If you live in the Baton Rouge area, and want to give this year, consider giving to my favorite two charities: The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank (A one-time donation of $100 will provide food for a local senior citizen for one ENTIRE year!) and CASA (donations help recruit, train and screen volunteers to help abused children in our area).

Here’s to hoping Barthenia — and all of those in need — gets a little joy this year!



I want your love (story).

It wasn’t long ago that I obsessed over Lauren Conrad’s wedding, and purchased all of the magazines that mentioned it so I could get all the pretty details. One of those magazines was Martha Stewart Weddings — my first time purchasing a wedding magazine — and I found that it was filled with non-traditional stories of love.

And I absolutely loved it.

So, why not continue with the theme and feature YOUR love stories here? After all, ’tis the season of joy.

Got a story you want to share with me & my readers? Write it and send it my way by emailing it to:

Here’s a few story ideas to get you started:

  • How you met
  • The proposal
  • Your first date
  • The moment you fell in love
  • Planning the wedding
  • Meeting the parents

Or, maybe your love story didn’t end so great. You know me, I’m down for the breakup/divorce/scandalous stories, as well!

Worried you’re not a good writer? You probably are, so stop worrying and get to typing. Seriously, I will help proofread and correct any mistakes. Or, if you really don’t trust yourself, shoot me an email and I’ll send you some questions to answer so I can craft it myself.

I will feature one story per week on the blog, starting… as soon as I get my first submission!

Cheers to love, and to you telling me all about it.

Celeb Crush: Bradley Cooper.

Hello, gorgeous.

Hello, gorgeous.

I recently did one of those quizzes, “Who is your celeb boyfriend?” And although I didn’t get my ultimate crush, John Mayer, I did get a fine-looking fellow: Mr. Bradley Cooper. Uh, YUM!

Riiiiippppling abs.

Riiiiippppling abs.

Bradley Cooper is most recognized for his work in films such as Silver Linings Playbook, Limitless, The Hangover (parts 1, 2, & 3), American Hustle, Valentine’s Day, He’s Just Not That Into You, Failure to Launch, and Wedding Crashers.

He graduated from the Honors English program at Georgetown University (hot), before enrolling in a master’s program and developing stage work.

And, I quote (from IMDb), “His weekends were spent with LEAP (Learning through the Expanded Arts Program), a non-profit organization that teaches acting and movement to inner city school children.”

Umm, seriously, who IS this guy?!?

Fun fact: he’s got a sister named Holly.

Well, it’s already been proven that we’re a match, so all I need now is someone to find him and give him my number. Or my house key, whatever.

If you’re a single man and you happen to be in this business, you’re deemed a player. But I don’t see myself as a ladies’ man.

—Bradley Cooper

Pic of the Week.


I spy a homemade scarf!

A few weeks ago, someone posted a link on Facebook to instructions on how to make a hand-knitted infinity scarf. And by hand-knitted, I mean, using your hands instead of knitting needles.

So, last weekend I finally got around to purchasing some yarn and sitting down to see if I could complete the scarf. Now, I’ve never learned to knit or crochet… hell, I’m not even good at cross-stitch. So, I watched and read many sets of instructions before things started going right.

But, I really thought the scarf was cute and if I could make one look good, then it would be a good option for inexpensive, yet thoughtful Christmas gifts.

So, I kept going. And eventually, I got the hang of it.

While the instructions say the scarf will take only 30 minutes, it took me probably 90, and what the directions fail to mention is that you’ll be tied up for this time — literally, your hands are tied together with 12 loops of wool. So, pee before attempting, and lock up any wild lions (ahem, Blanche) that may be wandering your apartment trying to off your hand-knitting game.

While you can’t tell in the picture, my scarf is five feet long, and can loop around my neck twice. It’s about a foot wide, so it’s very thick and warm. I used the Lion Brand wool in “Oatmeal,” and it took two entire packs to create my scarf. One pack would be enough for one loop, or one of those cool cowl neck scarfs.

I can also wear it looped once, and it’s big enough to be a shirt, but it looks pretty cool. I will definitely be making more of these, as it was only $10 for two packs of yarn. If you want to get together for some hand knitting, let me know — I’m always down to create something cool (or warm)!

Is THIS why I can’t get a husband?

Oh, don't mind me...

Oh, don’t mind me…

A reader in San Francisco brought to my attention an article in the New York Post, “8 Reasons Why New York Women Can’t Get a Husband.” Obviously, I don’t live in New York, but I’m always willing to consider ANY reason as to why I don’t have a boyfriend/fiance/husband, etc.

The article is based around an old-fashioned dating manual that was recently published, authored by Susan Patton, aka “Princeton Mom.” The book, “Marry Smart,” basically says that college is the prime time to find a mate (no argument there), but after 35, you’re SOL.

Here are 8 reasons Patton thinks you’re still single:

  1. Too much drinking. Patton says women who are sloppy are a turnoff (no shit), and bars are not the proper place to find love. Yet again, no shit. Rarely do I find myself in a bar, and while I can party with the best of ‘em, I usually only drink one night a week.
  2. You’re married to your phone. This very well could be true. Patton suggest that instead of having your nose buried in a phone or an iPad during our lunch breaks, we should look up and make eye contact with people.
  3. Wearing too much black. Umm hello, black makes us look skinny and everything black matches everything black. NEXT.
  4. Dating too many guys at work. I have never dated anyone at work, so this need not apply.
  5.  Spending too much time with your gay best friend. I have many-a-gay-guy in my life, but I don’t think we spend too much time together. Patton says we need to be reminded that we can’t marry our gay best friends. Um, yeah, no shit, that’s why we hang out with them!
  6. Ignoring the biological clock. “You’re not getting any younger,” Patton says. This lady is really starting to piss me off.
  7. You hook up too much. While I don’t think I’ve ever hooked up “too much,” I do have a past of being okay with just physical relationships. But I have recently given this up (just ask my latest crush and he’ll tell you all about his blue balls).
  8. Relying on convenience. Food delivery. Wireless movies. It’s easy to stay-in at the end of a long day. I’m definitely guilt of this, but who says the delivery guy won’t be the one getting on one knee (just kidding, Patton)?

Okay, so maybe I could stand to put my electronics away for a second during lunch, and make an effort to get out of the apartment every once in awhile. If this nabs me a husband, I guess I’ll have to send Patton a thank you card!

Pic of the Week.

Not pictured: monumental pile of used Kleenex.

Not pictured: monumental pile of used Kleenex.

‘Tis here. Every. Single. Year. Without fail, every single time fall rolls around, I get sick. It has been this way since I was a child — only then, at least I could blame it on being stuck in a classroom with a bunch of dirty kids.

Now? I suppose I’m stuck in an office with all of their parents. Go figure.

The weird thing is, I went to bed Friday night feeling fine, and then woke up Saturday morning with a full-blown cold. Sniffles, chills, you name it.

I had enough drugs in my bathroom closet to hold me over until Sunday afternoon, but then, I had to crawl out of bed and venture somewhere.

I must’ve had a high fever, because I decided Wal-Mart would be the PERFECT place to go to grab a few grocery-like items and cold medicine.


I swear to God, if I had a dollar for every bitch-face I received while trying to find Kleenex in Wal-Mart, I would be rich. That, or just how many times I almost get ran-over by a crazy cart person.

Anyway, I made it through the checkout after waiting in line for 20 minutes (and getting my jollies from the woman in front of me buying frozen hot wings and MAGNUM condoms).

I went home, took my meds and went back to bed… I awoke only because I had a movie date that night (more on this later), and I layered on so much makeup to hide my raw-red nose, and loaded up on meds to avoid sneezing during the flick. I couldn’t help from sniffle a few times, but for that I was equipped with a pocket-full of Kleenex.

Of course, everyone hates being sick. I especially hate living alone when I’m sick because I totally give myself a pity party, and the only person who comes is Blanche, and let’s face facts, Blanche doesn’t really give much of a fuck, she just has nowhere else to go (believe me, if she could figure out how to unlock the front door, she’d be on her way to Dixieland in a heartbeat).

The only good thing about being sick now, is that it’s not a holiday — often, I get sick during Thanksgiving or Christmas, which just seems like bad Karma, and nothing else.

And although it seems like just a cold, I always nurse it as much as possible, because in the past, I’ve had pneumonia, strep throat, and mono. Not good.

If you’re feeling the fall flu like me, I can say I swear by Zarbee’s Cough & Throat Relief Nighttime Drink, peppermint essential oil, and the Hallmark Channel. Lots of good, sappy movies to help me rest easy.

Until next time… ACCHHOOOWWWW!

Hey, Halloween: Drop dead!

Where's my stationary?

Where’s my stationary?

After much thought, I decided to forgo a Fresh Friday post, since it’s Halloween — even though I pretty much despise this day… or do I? If you know me personally, you know I’m a scaredy-cat all year ’round.

I’m terrified of someone breaking into my apartment, scared of being attacked in a parking garage (or anywhere, for that matter), getting caught up in a mass shooting, etc.

But most of the time, I’m able to hide my fears and live a normal life (although I always search for the exits in movie theaters, and I stopped going inside banks)… until Halloween-time rolls around. Then, it’s really difficult to avoid the scary movies on TV, previews at the theater, people in-costume, and invitations to haunted houses.

Seriously, when did I get so scared?

As a kid, I enjoyed Halloween — dressing up in a costume, and joining my neighborhood friends down every street to see just how much candy we could get (I remember having to make pit stops to dump candy from our buckets, in order to fit more). While I enjoyed trick-or-treating, there were those few houses in the neighborhood that really went all out, and if it weren’t for peer pressure, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the front door.

At the end of the night, my friend Emily and I would sort through our piles, dividing the candy (sorting it by name, or “like” and “don’t like”), and eating as much of our loot as possible before morning.

In middle and high school, I actually loved going to SEE scary movies! Imagine that! I loved the thrill, I screamed and then laughed at myself for being so scared.

In college, I wore slutty costumes, partied, and probably drank a cauldron full of witch’s brew every Halloween.

But it wasn’t until I graduated college that I started to realize just how scary this time of year is. I remember the night it happened, I went with a girlfriend to see a scary movie. And when I got home, I spent hours pacing my apartment, looking under the bed, checking the closets, and I couldn’t sleep.

All of the sudden, scary stuff wasn’t so silly.

And sure, I do realize that the things in movies aren’t likely to happen. But, if I’m being honest here, I have nightmares at least once a week. Not little scary dreams about Casper, actual nightmares that wake me up in sweat, and it takes a snuggle with my kitty and an hour of QVC to get back to sleep.

It’s been this way for years. I’m not sure what causes it, although I’m sure stress is most of it, or perhaps it’s just a random string of thoughts that scares me shitless. Either way, I know that a haunted house or a scary movie just might send me into a weeklong bout of insomnia.

A few years ago, my office really wanted to celebrate Halloween. Someone suggested a haunted house, and I quickly opted out. One coworker simply could not believe WHY I wouldn’t want to go to a haunted house.

“I’m actually terrified of that kind of thing,” I told her. She was appalled, and said I seemed like “the kind of person who would be into it.”

Well, things aren’t always as they seem, right?

I wish I were more into Halloween, but I’m just not. And, as my mom told me a few years ago, I was even scared of costumes and clowns as a child. So, perhaps this is just me, finally admitting that stuff is scary out there… so if it’s okay with you, I’ll just stay in and watch Countdown to Christmas on the Hallmark Channel.

Own your bed head!

I wish my bed head looked this good.

I wish my bed head looked this good.

Recently, Casper, a mattress company that specializes in making outrageously comfortable latex memory foam mattresses, brought forth a good point to me — a good night’s sleep often results in a mess of hair come morning. But so what? Why are we constantly running from the bed head, instead of embracing it? So, Casper, challenge ACCEPTED!

When I got to thinking about it, I’ve been rocking bed head for a few years now. I workout after work, which means a shower (and washing my hair) is a must. Because I have colored hair, I try to keep heat away from my locks as much as possible. So, I wash my hair at night and I go to bed with it wet, leaving it to air dry.

Truth be told, I do keep a comb in my shower, but rarely do I even comb my hair before going to bed.

Before I was on a regular workout regimen, I would get up early enough to shower, blow dry, and style my hair before work at 8am. I’m not really sure who I was back then, because when my alarm goes off at 6am, not even the smell of my coffee brewing can get me out from under the covers.

But when I finally decide to shuffle into the kitchen, you can bet that my hair looks like total shit. I have wavy/slightly curly hair, so when I wakeup, it looks the same dry as it did when I stepped out of the shower.

So, there’s a few ways I can dress it up in order to actually keep my job.

Hair products

Hair products

If it’s particularly wavy, or even curly, I simply spritz a firm-hold hairspray into the roots and waves, do a little scrunching, finger through some of the curls, and voila, done!

No volume? I use a flexible-hold spray on the roots and use a teasing comb to fluff things up around the part, and near the crown of my head.

Greasy? If it’s really greasy, I blast the blowdryer on it. But most of the time, I put a little loose bronzer in the troubled areas and we’re good to go. Dry shampoo is okay, but I found it’s expensive, and it turns my hair white and sometimes crispy. Yuck.

If I have 20 minutes, I usually straighten at least the top layers, using the bottom waves for volume, along with hairspray and a teasing comb.

Whether I rock it straight or curly, I do have bangs that often determine how I’ll style it, in the end. If they dry weird, then I’m forced to pin them back, or wear a headband. Luckily, I’ve stocked up on cute hair accessories that make it look like ALL of this is completely on purpose.

Miss Blanche Devereaux.

Miss Blanche Devereaux.

Someone who has always owned her bed head is my kitty, Blanche. Blanche is fortunate enough to sleep in the bed with me, on her side, of course. She sleeps on her back, so her long fur can blow in the breeze of the ceiling fan.

But when she wakes up, her fur, especially the longer pieces behind her ears, is often matted. Blanche, I have learned, lives by the motto, “Long hair, don’t care,” as she walks around the apartment as if this is a completely acceptable look.

And I realize, she’s not a member of society, so I let it fly, unless we have company, then I take a wire brush to her fur, and everything is smooth and fluffy, all at once.

The thing is, I know we’ve all heard or read those tricks about waking up to perfect hair… I don’t know about you, but none of that works for me. If I sleep with my hair in a ponytail, it will be flat and greasy in the morning, not “high volume,” and I have shoulder-length hair, so putting it up into one of those cute buns isn’t really an option for me.

What are your tricks for embracing your bed head?

Pictured hair products: Embellished headbands, Bronzing beads, Flexible hold hairspray,  Teasing comb, Hair clips, Cute barrettes

Pic of the Week.

Upping our carving game.

Upping our carving game.

Every year, my friend Marcy has a Pumpkin Carving Party (BYOP), and this year was pretty special because it was the 5th Anniversary of the party! So, Sunday night, we all gathered at Marcy’s, equipped with pumpkins and carving ideas.

As a kid, Halloween was a big deal. My parents really got into decorating the house, and lots of thought went into carving pumpkins — my parents would buy the most difficult templates to complete, even if it meant creating a toothpick-suture to make things looked perfect in the end.

Truth be told, I always get really pumped to carve a pumpkin, but when it comes time to actually scoop the guts out, and get serious about poking all the holes and carving tiny pieces, I’m not really big on it. I only like the part when I light the candle and turn the lights off to see my creation.

Call me lazy, but I admitted to Marcy that if it weren’t for her party, I probably would retire my sad collection of orange plastic carving tools.

This was my third year at the party, the first year I had no idea what to expect, although I heard it was a little competitive. That year, I painted my pumpkin white, and carved Jack Skellington’s (The Nightmare Before Christmas) face… it was easy, but it looked pretty cool.

Last year, I jumped on the Hash Tag craze and shaved “#Pumpkin” into my pumpkin… needless to say, it was a hit on social media. This year, I wasn’t sure what to carve.

I wanted to do something current, and relevant to pop culture, and then I realized, DUH, I’ve been watching The Fault In Our Stars nearly every night before I fall asleep, so why not do a tribute to the book and movie via pumpkin?

There is a line in the book, and a scene in the movie, that revolves around champagne: “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars.”

In the movie, the waiter tells Augustus and Hazel, “We have bottled all the stars for you tonight.”

I love it!

So, I created my own template that features a set of champagne glasses clinking, several different sizes of five-pointed stars, and letters to spell T-F-I-O-S.

While no one at the party really understood what my pumpkin was all about, I love it! I can’t wait to light it up on Halloween night!

Fresh Friday: Stella Nude.

Stella McCartney runway, Paris.

Stella McCartney runway, Paris.

I couldn’t find a picture of the perfume decent-enough for the big slot, so you’ll have to just admire the fashions (I think these are from 2010, but I’m obsessed with the blue number) of Ms. Stella McCartney, even though I’m talking about one of her fabulous perfumes.

Today’s Fresh Friday scent profile features Stella Nude by Stella McCartney.

I still have so many scents left on my bathroom shelves that when it came time to write this post, I really wasn’t sure which to choose. So, I stuck my hand in my little bag of samples and pulled out Stella Nude, spritzed it on (I like to use 3 sprays), and went out the door.

Stella Nude bottle

Stella Nude bottle

And. It. Smells. Fantastic!

The longer I wear it, I can pick of different parts of the scent — and they’re all very feminine, which is a good quality to have in a perfume.

As described by Sephora: A fragrance based on the contrast between the fresh, soft rose and the dark, sensual amber, Stella is a sophisticated scent focused on intense femininity.

The concept of the Stella McCartney bath line is driven by a passion for ecological and organic cosmetology: selecting the best natural raw materials and capitalizing on vegetal extracts, organic agriculture, and extraction methods that respect and protect the natural life force of the plants.

It really is a beautiful fragrance… I’m glad I was lucky enough to snag a sample bottle!

Pic of the Week.

Let me take a selfie.

Let me take a selfie.

Sorry that it’s blurry… I even tried to retake it a few times, but could never get a decent one, which makes me wonder if I have a serious health issue that is in-turn ruining my selfies.

Anyway, yesh, I got new glasses! Okay, so I also got new contacts… and sure, I realize this is not life-changing information, but let me just explain.

 I got my first pair of glasses in second grade, when it was completely uncool to wear glasses. Despite being terrified that my classmates might call me “Four eyes,” I got a pair of round, plastic frames that were purple on the front and green on the sides.

My new glasses!

My new glasses!

I don’t recall anyone making fun of me, but I was really excited to get my first pair of contacts in the 8th grade. I could actually see during pool parties!

As the years went on, my eyes worsened. Sure, both of my parents wore glasses, so weak eyes were inevitable. But mine were starting to get really bad — I had higher prescriptions than my parents’ combined.

In high school, I asked my eye doctor if I was ever going to be legally blind at the rate I was going. She acted like I was crazy.

“No way,” she said. “Eventually your eye prescription will level off.”

But four years ago, I went to the doctor, and not only was I informed that I had astigmatism in both eyes, but I also needed a higher prescription (-8 in my left eye) — not more than two clicks away from being blind.

I had to get a special order of contacts for people with astigmatism (a mere $80 per box), and a new pair of glasses. Without my insurance, my total was more than $800 — nearly enough to get Lasik.

After that, I hadn’t been back to the doctor in yet another four years. I was scared — scared about how much it would cost, scared they would tell me I was blind, scared I would have some sort of eye disease. So, I avoided it until I was having trouble seeing… I even had to increase the fonts on my computer.

So I went, and got an exam, had the mapping done (where they take photos of the backs of your eyes)… and my eyes are healthy. No diseases, no trouble spots, there was no word of astigmatism, and my prescription is now a -6 and -5.5 …not blind.

Sure, it ain’t great, but I faced a fear and the outcome was really good! So, I got some new contacts, and these awesome glasses (only $40, with prescription lenses, on Eye Buy Direct)!

I’m starting to see (literally) just how good things can be when you get a little bravery inside.

Dating by Astrology.

Are the stars aligned for love?

Are the stars aligned for love?

I have always been interested in astrology, although I don’t live by it, I love reading my weekly horoscope — scoffing when it’s completely incorrect, and gasping in awe when it’s right on-point. When it comes to dating, I’ve discussed matching via personality test, but what about zodiac compatibility?

Born on July 2, I am a Cancer, meaning:

  • All about home, comfort of family, maternal, domestic, nurturing
  • Loves tradition, patriotic
  • Has a good memory, is emotional
  • Quick to retreat, moody, often vindictive
  • Quick to help others, avoids confrontation
  • Devoted, romantic, listen to their gut

Cancer traits have always fit me to a T, which is probably why I love reading horoscopes and compatibility charts. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look up compatibility as SOON as I get a birthday for the person I’m crushing on. Let’s take this to the charts:

So colorful.

So colorful.

According to this chart, my perfect matches are a Scorpio and a Pisces. Hmm…

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

  • Fiercely independent, like to be in control
  • Moody, possessive, yet loyal
  • Wise in business, ambitious, determined
  • Intense, misunderstood, often secretive

I’ve actually dated several Scorpios, and obviously, things didn’t work out. I have yet to meet a Scorpio that I get along with very well. But, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, stars! If you know of a Scorpio that is single and could be a match, point me in that direction!

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

  • Needs other people to keep them positive, grounded
  • Sensitive, loyal, will go out of their way to help a friend
  • Mysterious, molded by surroundings
  • Intuitive, sensitive, treat others the way they wish to be treated

I do not THINK I’ve ever dates a Pisces (if I did, I obviously have forgotten about it), but perhaps that is my ideal match! Quick, find me a man with a birthday between February 19 and March 20!

Now, I know astrology won’t answer all of my dating woes… but at this point, I’m open to try just about anything.

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

—Julius Caesar


Coolest Fan Mail… Ever!

Cover idea from a reader!

Cover idea from a reader!

Monday night, I received some fan mail from a reader in Indianapolis. She, Samantha, drew this after reading my first book, How I Fell, and then she transferred it to Photoshop.

Umm… how cute is it?! I actually like it better than my original cover, but don’t tell anyone. Without even knowing it, Samantha drew me wearing a pair of heels that look like some I actually have!

Recently, I’ve started getting notes, and links to articles and blogs you (my readers) think I need to see — I love this!

So, if you think there’s something out there I need to see, please send it my way via the comments, Twitter, Facebook, or feel free to email me directly at

Thank you for my drawing, Samantha! And thanks for reading!


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